EcoZoo – An original biodiversity theme park

Dream-Workers, Eksagon Exhibitions and NOESIS, are preparing a unique and original animal theme park, EcoZoo!

Eco Zoo
A whole realistic and at the same time fairytale world will be presented in different sections, halls and sections of the park.
It is clear that the “Eco Zoo” is the largest animal park in the world that has nothing to do with the captivity of living creatures, that does not require the waste of energy, food, medicines for their proper development and maintenance, that does not even need water for their cleanliness and overall operates without the exhaustion of human resources for their care.
At the same time, young and old visitors will participate in a real experience of discovering all the secrets of these animals. They take part for the first time in an unforgettable “journey” to planet earth, time, space and an imaginary and at the same time real world.

The idea of Eco Zoo is based on a journey of visitors to special parts of our planet and even at different dates each time. Means of transport is a unique and impressive “Time Machine”. In this unique Theme Park, today’s inhabitants of the earth, meet technology from the future and discover secrets, learn information and experience the real conditions of evolution of animals, climate change, biodiversity, extinctions and many questions about the future of our planet.

Robotic animals, interactive walls and tables, original applications, educational programs and quizzes are some of the elements of the experience that NOESIS visitors are preparing to experience in Thessaloniki in autumn.

Stay tuned….

The project is funded by the Greek State and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the “Central Macedonia” Program of the NSRF 2021-2027.

Published: May 16, 2023