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FAST Heroes 112 – free family program “FAST Heroes 112” at NOESIS 2.12.2023

For children from Pre-Kindergarten to Third Grade and their parents

We learn the symptoms of stroke and save lives!

In the family program children and parents sit at the same table and join forces. They use their imagination and creativity and work together for a common purpose.

FAST Heroes 112 at NOESIS
Come with your children and through creative activities and play learn how to recognize the “bad” clot, what its symptoms are, what it can cause, how we can treat it and how we should react. In this way, children learn how to help their grandparents if necessary and even save their lives.

Date: Saturday 2/12/2023

Time: 12.00 – 13.30

Stock: 20

Participation: free of charge

Each child must be accompanied by an adult.

Each adult can accompany up to 3 children.

Maximum number of people per family: 5 people.

For registrations (only electronically) click here.

Eleana Balla
Telephone: 2310 483 000, ext. 149 (Monday – Friday, 10.00 – 14.00)


This free program is based on the global campaign “FAST Heroes 112” to prevent stroke. For more click on the link.


Published: November 22, 2023