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“FAST Heroes 112” – innovative health and education program for kindergarten and fourth graders

“FAST Heroes 112”
Global Campaign to Prevent Stroke

Appeal to schools in support of a serious cause

Innovative Program is implemented worldwide with Greece as a pilot

Primary schools and kindergartens around the world are invited to participate in the groundbreaking health-education campaign. The “H.O.P.A. (Hand – Speech – Face – Immediately) Heroes 112”, supported and approved by the World Health Organization, are spreading worldwide – with a huge mission, to train children to save their grandparents from stroke!

In collaboration with the World Stroke Organization, the Schools for Health in Europe Foundation (S.H.E.), UNESCO, Angels Initiative and the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia, FAST HEROES 112 have created and promoted an Important Mission: to find by the end of March 2023, one million young students (5 to 9 years old) from all over the world, which will help them enhance the public’s knowledge of the symptoms of strokes.

The campaign “FAST Heroes 112”, aims to familiarize kindergarten children up to fourth grade with the three main symptoms of stroke and to inform them about the Pan-European emergency number 112, which they should call in this case. Direct intervention, with the call of 112, can be the difference between life and death, but also between “life as we know it” and the loss of this quality of life due to a permanent disability.

All this is done through play and activities, with printed and electronic material that provide completely free of charge for all children, teachers and parents who will take part, as well as all the necessary guidance and information you may need. It is an opportunity to compete with other schools for the first places in the national and international ranking table of schools and classes and receive wonderful educational gifts. Thus, you contribute to the health improvement of the children in your school, as well as the families of your wider community as a “School that promotes health skills”.

So far, over 500 primary schools and kindergartens from all over Greece have taken part in the Global Program, helping in this way to pass on knowledge to families and communities!

In order to set an example to be imitated (for children) and to enhance the desired behavior of children, they have created an animated film. You can see it here:

BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions’ production shows the history of the programme and how it has evolved worldwide! You can see it here:

If your school is interested in implementing the “FAST Heroes 112” program for the year 2022-2023, by receiving the free printed material, you must inform us by email at or or by phone at 2310 227 225.

Together we can save the world, one grandp, one grandmother at a time!

More information about the global Fast Heroes program:

To register schools for the participation in the X.O.P.A. 112 Heroes campaign and information:

Epi Direct – Lida Papadopoulou, 6932 262524, 2310 227225 and

NOESIS is a strategic partner, supports and participates in “FAST Heroes 112”, aiming at the greater impact of its educational, research and social goals.

At the same time, in the context of family programs, the organization plans and in February 2023 will begin the implementation of educational programs based on “FAST Heroes 112”. There will be relevant announcements in a timely manner.






Published: January 13, 2023