Gender Equality Committee

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)
The GEP highlights the particular importance of organizational culture as an integral part of the nature of the Institution, considering that it contributes decisively to its formation. The adoption of this culture by the employees of the Entity is a primary objective of the GEP and needs to be integrated and reflected in the management and activities of the organization.

Therefore, the adoption of a new organizational culture and the implementation of the GEP should be a strong and practical commitment of NOESIS and should be implemented throughout its entire range of activities. Through this commitment, the existing ideals of human dignity and equality that underpin the Institution’s operation are further promoted.

The monitoring of the implementation of the GEP and its periodic review are pillars for its long-term and successful implementation, since through feedback and evaluation, possible deviations from the overall target are prevented or addressed.

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

Gender Equality Committee
The Gender Equality Committee has undertaken the monitoring task of GEP. The members of the Committee are:
– Ifigeneia Vlachogianni (member of Board)
– Nikoleta Dimka
– Periklis Iliopoulos
– Maria Karnezou (Equality Officer)
– Kostas Tanis


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