Technical Museum of Thessaloniki

The Technical Museum of Thessaloniki was founded in 1978 as an Association and was a cultural and educational institution, non-profit. The aim was to acquaint the public with the positive sciences and to understand the evolution of technology.

From its foundation until 1988 it was hosted in facilities provided by its member. In 1989 it was transferred to a building of 2,000 sq.m. courtesy of ETVA, in the Industrial Area of ​​Thessaloniki, in Sindos, where it operated until 2004. Then it set up the Foundation “Science Center and NOESIS Museum of Technology”, while transferring the human resources and activities of the Association to new facilities in Thermi.

The Technical Museum of Thessaloniki has now been renamed “Friends of the Science Center and the NOESIS Technology Museum – former Technical Association of Thessaloniki Association”.

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