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3D Modelling 3D Printing – NEW training program

For students of D’ Elementary – B’ Gymnasium

The NOESIS Space Tech by Robotixlab program is a series of independent thematic workshops (Robotics, Electronics, Video Games coding, 3D modelling – 3D printing) with a common theme of space technology. Each thematic workshop is completed in 2 sessions, lasting 2 hours each.

3D Modelling – 3D Printing
We are inspired by the Ingenuity Helicopter, the autonomous drone that flies to the planet Mars and helps the Perseverance Rover and we use the technology of digital fabrication (CAD / CAM system) to build a flying machine. 3D design with CAD technology (computer aided design) and construction of the three-dimensional model with the help of 3D printer (CAM computer aided manufacture). Through this whole process we understand the operating principles of the 3D printer, the various techniques, the concept of slicing and the translation of the model into machine language, as well as the maintenance procedures of the machine. Will it be able to fly your own 3D printed model? What role does the weight of the central axis play? The angle of call of the impeller? The number of wings?

Dates: Saturday 18/3 and 1/4/2023
Time: 14.30-16.30
Cost: 50€

The NOESIS Space Tech by Robotixlab workshops are designed by the Robotics Engineer, Antonis Kanouras and are implemented by Robotixlab and its trained animators / trainers. Robotixlab based in Thessaloniki has been designing and implementing actions on robotics and technology for children since 2008.

For registrations (only electronically) click here.

Procedure for securing participation
1. Completing the online application form.
2. Payment methods:
– Electronic payment. All debit / credit cards VISA, Mastercard are accepted.
– Completion of the form at NOESIS, depending on availability and payment at the cashier during its opening hours (Tuesday to Friday 9.00 – 15.00, Saturday 11.30 – 18.00, Sunday 11.30 – 18.00).
3. Ensuring final participation:
The final participation in the program is ensured by the payment of the participation amount and the receipt of a confirmation email.

Michalis Papoutsidis
Telephone: 2310 483 000, ext. 140 (Tuesday – Friday, 10.00 – 14.00)

Published: February 22, 2023