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Meet the “FAST Heroes 112” and have fun with them at NOESIS

Interactive performance for children 5-12 years old!
Saturday, January 21, 11.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m., at NOESIS
Free Entrance

On Saturday, January 21, 11.00 – 13.30, parents and children aged 5-12 are invited to the free interactive performance: “Meet the FAST Heroes 112, be a Hero too!”, at NOESIS.

Parents and children will have the opportunity to get to know the characters “FAST Heroes 112” through a highly entertaining performance, while enjoying educational games, music and dance discoveries and many other surprises and gifts.

The representatives of schools or parents’ and guardians’ associations who will attend, will be able to take part in a draw for a free performance “FAST Heroes 112” from Anemoscorpimata at their school, combining the experiential experience and education of children with entertainment and play!

Information and registrations until 19/1/2023:
EPI-DIRECT, Konstantina Charisi, T: 2310 227 225,
NOESIS, Elisavet Konstantinou, T: 2310 483 045,

A few words about “FAST Heroes 112”
“FAST Heroes 112” is an award-winning educational initiative that aims to recognize the symptoms of stroke and the need for immediate action. It builds on the enthusiasm children have to learn and share and encourages the transfer of knowledge to the rest of their family, especially their grandparents.

This educational program is implemented worldwide for the third consecutive year by the World Stroke Organization, the Schools for Health in Europe Foundation (S.H.E.) and UNESCO, in collaboration with the Angels Initiative and the University of Macedonia.

Through this fun, award-winning and FREE program, children are trained to be able to help save their grandparents.

It is worth noting that the program is implemented with the scientific collaboration of the Department of Social and Preventive Policy of the University of Macedonia, under the auspices of the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Pylaia-Chortiatis, Meteora, the support of the Greek Nurses Association and Kids Save Lives.

For more information about “FAST Heroes 112” click here.

NOESIS is a strategic partner, supports and participates in “FAST Heroes 112”, aiming at the greater impact of its educational, research and social goals.

At the same time, in the context of family programs, the organization plans and in February 2023 will begin the implementation of educational programs based on “FAST Heroes 112”. There will be relevant announcements in a timely manner.


Published: January 13, 2023