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Explora 2022 – five-day summer program

For elementary and high school students

Do you want your child to do something fun and at the same time uniquely interesting this summer? The Explora summer program at NOESIS for elementary and high school students offers this possibility.

For students of A ́ – F ́ Primary School
Periods: 20/06 – 24/06 and 27/06 – 01/07

A’ – C’ Primary School
For students who finished the first and third grades, the Explora program is the ideal combination of entertainment and creative activities. Children get to know the world of science and technology through play and fun, while learning the importance of cooperation and teamwork. STEM activities, creative robotics and constructions, projections at the Planetarium and the Cosmotheatre and group games make every day unique.

Fourth – Sixth Grade
The Explora program for students who finished fourth to sixth grade focuses on technology, with STEM activities, which include constructions and various tests. Tinkering, engineering, VR, drones are some of the themes of the program. Through a variety of activities, children’s ingenuity and critical thinking are cultivated, while at the same time cooperation and teamwork are enhanced. The projections at the Planetarium, the Cosmotheatre and the Simulator complete a fun and creative five-day event.

For students of A ́ – C ́ Gymnasium
Duration: 20/06 – 24/06
The program is addressed to students who finished the first and third grades of gymnasium. Children engage in STEM activities, which draw their themes from technology and science. Working mainly in teams, they follow instructions but also employ their own imagination and creativity. They build mechanical structures, handle new technologies, take on roles and carry out missions by practicing a variety of skills, practices and mentalities. At the same time, they attend screenings at the Planetarium, the Cosmotheater and the Simulator and get to know experientially the permanent and temporary Exhibitions of NOESIS.

General information about Explora
The program’s facilities also include a morning snack, a light meal (cold sandwich), a commemorative backpack and a photo, insurance coverage.

The design and implementation of the activities are carried out by qualified personnel of NOESIS, as well as by external partners.

Duration of daily program: 9.00 – 15.00
Arrival: 8.45 – 9.00
Check-out: 15.00

For answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” click here.

Participation fee: 120€.

To register only online click here.

Refund Policy
• Refunds are made in case of fault of NOESIS.
• There is no partial refund in case the child is absent from the program one day.
• The day(s) of absence are not replenished.
• In case it is deemed necessary to remove a child from the program, the possibility of paying partial compensation will be considered.
• In case there are health reasons and the child does not attend the program in its entirety, the case of a refund will be considered, if you present a written request and a relevant medical certificate the week after this, which the child did not attend.

Procedure for Securing Participation
1. Completing the online application form.

2. Payment methods:
Online registration and payment.
All debit / credit cards VISA, Mastercard are accepted.

3. Ensuring participation:
The final participation in the program is ensured by the payment of the participation amount and the receipt of a confirmation email.

Maria Karnezou, telephone 2310 483 000, extension 121
Monday to Friday, 11.00 – 14.00

For the health protocol for the implementation of educational programs click here.


Published: January 9, 2023